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Jun 09, 2022

Director Nick Barley says lessons from the pandemic include providing a more accessible festival, so half of this year’s offering will be available online

At least half of the Edinburgh International book festival programme will be broadcast free online this summer, after the pandemic “fundamentally transformed” what the event can offer.

Building on the hybrid format developed over the past two years, the EIBF will return to full-scale, in-person events in theatres around the Edinburgh College of Arts, but director Nick Barley says he aims to continue accessibility for those unable to attend in person, while maintaining the “extraordinary international reach” achieved online last year, via streaming in the festival’s three biggest theatres.

The Edinburgh International book festival will run from 13 to 29 August.

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Apr 29, 2022

The gay writer who was banned from visiting a London school discusses why young LGBT+ people need representation more than ever

A few weeks after he was banned from visiting a London school by the Catholic church, Simon James Green was confronted with an array of protest paraphernalia. The author, whose stories for young adults have been applauded for reflecting the upside, as well as the angst, of queer teen lives, was at an awards ceremony in Bristol. Members of a local school’s LGBT+ society had made banners and leaflets proclaiming their solidarity, and denouncing “kids in Catholic school locked in the closet”.

“It was so touching, so all-round impressive,” Green says. Neatly, it also encapsulates the core message of Gay Club!, his latest novel for young adults, which follows chess geek Barney on his mission to shake up his own school’s LGBT+ society. “Pinning some rainbow flags to our club noticeboard won’t change anything,” says Barney. “We need to unite and fight. Campaign. Be visible.”

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Mar 31, 2022

Fear of backlash means stories about race, sexuality and neurodiversity increasingly deemed inappropriate for young readers

Children’s authors and performers say growing censorship, institutional timidity and online backlash are resulting in stories about diversity, sexuality and even contemporary world events being deemed inappropriate for younger readers.

“It feels like we’re living through a second section 28, but one that the UK government has outsourced to an anonymous Twitter lobby,” one performer says.

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Feb 19, 2021

Scotland’s pre-eminent crime writer joins broadcaster Jo Whiley berating ‘woeful’ treatment of people with learning difficulties over Covid

Kit Rankin just loves being around people, says his father Ian. “He loves hugs and if you go near him you’re getting a hug whether you want it or not.

“He’s better known around the streets of Edinburgh than I am,” adds the crime novelist with a wry laugh. “People stop me and say ‘Oh, you’re Kit’s dad’, because when he’s taken out to do the shopping everybody notices him because he’s blond and he’s laughing.”

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