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Jun 23, 2022

A self-published novel by Michael Winkler joins Alice Pung, Michael Mohammed Ahmad, Michelle de Kretser and Jennifer Down to compete for $60,000

A self-published book has been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin for the first time in the award’s 65-year history, with Michael Winkler’s cult hit Grimmish clearing the final hurdle before Australia’s most prestigious literary prize is announced on 20 July.

Announced on Thursday evening, Grimmish joins Michael Mohammed Ahmad’s The Other Half of You, Michelle de Kretser’s Scary Monsters, Jennifer Down’s Bodies of Light and Alice Pung’s One Hundred Days to compete for the $60,000 prize.

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Nov 08, 2020

Books by the beloved and acclaimed Australian author Emily Rodda include Fairy Realm, Rowan of Rin and the Monty's Island series. Here she is interviewed by her fans – and finally breaks her silence on whether she really believes in mythical creatures.

This video is part of Guardian Australia’s kids' book series in which children take control. For more videos – including Garth Nix, Andy Griffiths and Alison Lester – head here.

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