Brainwashed by Daniel Pick review – do great minds really think alike?

From The Simpsons to QAnon via The Stepford Wives, the psychoanalyst’s absorbing study of mind control is part media studies, part political history

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Austin Duffy: ‘I wanted to immerse the reader in the terror of being on call’

The novelist and oncologist on capturing the shock of interning in a hospital, how he fits writing a...

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Venomous Lumpsucker by Ned Beauman review – mischievous meaning-of-life satire

A will-they-won’t-they relationship plays out in Sweden in this clever tale of a world carved up by...

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A Woman’s Battles and Transformations by Édouard Louis review – portrait of a mother’s darkest days

The candid French novelist is torn between sympathy and hurt in this quietly heartbreaking memoir ab...

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Mick Herron: ‘I’m interested in incompetence, things going wrong’

The Slow Horses author on the ‘virtue of limitations’ and drawing life lessons from The Wind in th...

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Original Sins by Matt Rowland Hill review – electric account of heroin addiction

The author’s artfully constructed debut is a painfully comic and thrillingly immediate memoir about...

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Diego Garcia by Natasha Soobramanien and Luke Williams review – protest fiction for a new generation

Two writers take on a tale of exile, personal tragedy and literary friendship in a stirring reimagin...

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