An Eerily Prescient Pandemic Novel That’s Guaranteed to Terrify

In Lawrence Wright’s “The End of October,” a virulent flu races around the globe, killing millions and plunging society into disarray.


A Letter From Dorothy Gallagher to Her Late Husband Ben Sonnenberg

Tell me this: Do you think that in the years since you died my life has continued as before? Do you ...

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The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee review – the man who shaped New York

Blunders, bad luck and ever-yearning love in a novel about the extraordinary life and death of an un...

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Can Marian Keyes' Rachel's Holiday sequel equal her original's brilliance?

By continuing her story of romance and recovery, the novelist risks tainting the first book. Can you...

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Robert Harris

Robert Harris discusses his new novel and reflects on 30 years of writing fiction.

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A ‘How to Write’ Craft Syllabus From Non-White, Non-Cis Writers

Some familiar names occupy the bestseller lists for writing direction, authors who’ve secured their...

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Historian Timothy Snyder: ‘It turns out that people really like democracy’

The author of On Tyranny on the lack of historical literacy, how local news has been replaced by Fac...

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