‘I think I was good, though I could have been better’: Terry Pratchett and the writing of his life

After he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the Discworld author began an autobiography. He never finished it, but seven years after his death, his long-time assistant has taken up the task

Five months before he died, Terry Pratchett wrote five letters, sealed them in envelopes and locked them in the safe in his office to be opened after his death. This was the one he addressed to me.


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Poem of the Week: Hymn to Aphrodite by Frederick Seidel

A brew of the sacred and profane by a rebel classicist, delivered gulp by gulpHymn to Aphroditeποι...

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'There is no planet B': the best books to help us navigate the next 50 years

Understanding animals, capitalism, the science of cloudseeding ... scifi author Kim Stanley Robinson...

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Open Book: Daisy Johnson on her debut novel, Everything Under

Daisy Johnson and Stella Tillyard on the inspiration of the Fens and literary festivals.

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An Extract from Sharpe's Assassin by Bernard Cornwell

September 2021 sees the vigorous and much-awaited return of Richard Sharpe in Bernard Cornwell’s be...

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World of Wonders: Why Nature Writing Makes for Essential Reading

In this week’s episode, Kendra and Sachi discuss books around this month’s theme of Nature Writing...

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New & Noteworthy Audiobooks, From Betsey Johnson to Pot in San Francisco

A selection of recent audiobooks of interest; plus, a peek at what our colleagues around the newsroo...

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