“Cars on Fire”

People always said heat waves weren’t what they used to be. Every morning the humidity crawled in from the swampy gardens, seeping through the mosquito nets and into the mattress. The bedroom’s discomfort would ignite and he’d have to put it out with the hose from the house next door. Just before waking, his dreams […]


Songs for the Flames

Two days after his disappearance, when his ex‑wife’s anxious questions began to circulate on socia...

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A Song Everlasting

In late may, as the twentieth anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre was approaching, the Chinese gov...

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In the same way that thousand-mile journeys start with the first step, so momentous events can begin...

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There’s something kind of gratifying about a really bad birthday. Toward the garish end of 2016, th...

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What Strange Paradise

The highway from Homs to Damascus, spindly and unlit and lined with squat concrete barricades, was d...

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