Death, Pestilence, Emptiness: Putting Covers on Albert Camus’s The Plague

More than 70 years after it was first published, Camus’ classic novel The Plague is a best-seller again. Penguin Classics has already reprinted it twice this year and is struggling to keep up with orders. The novel, an allegory about human resilience and hope in the face of suffering, centers around a deadly plague strikes […]


More Than a Woman by Caitlin Moran review – witty and wise

There can be no better guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of middle ageIt’s hard to overstate just...

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Elin Hilderbrand asks for Anne Frank reference to be cut from novel after complaints

Romance writer was criticised for episode in new novel when one of her child characters compares hid...

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Tracing Contemporary Food Policies Back to the Enlightenment

What we eat is our business, or so we generally believe. We resent being told to consume more vegeta...

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Jacqueline Wilson: 'I've never really been in any kind of closet'

The children’s author talks about her latest, perhaps bravest, novel in which she tackles gay love ...

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Against the law: why judges are under attack, by the Secret Barrister

Branded ‘enemies of the people’ by the media and falsely accused of taking sides in Brexit by Cons...

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Shelf-promotion: the art of furnishing rooms with books you haven’t read

Ashley Tisdale admitted she’d bought all her books for a photoshoot – and as Adele and Gwyneth Pal...

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