The Disorienting World of New York’s Social Elite

My mother was beautiful. Most people are understandably dubious of this claim, probably assuming that as a son, I see her how I want to see her. But she was beautiful, indisputably. People compared her to Grace Kelly and Candice Bergen, but it was the comparisons to Jackie Kennedy Onassis that she liked the best. Even […]


A Good Read: Vick Hope & Isy Suttie

Tears, hope and identity. The comedian, the Radio 1 presenter, and their favourite books.

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Wayne Koestenbaum’s Cerebral, Smutty Essays Playfully Disobey the Rules

In “Figure It Out,” the polymathic writer turns his attention to Shakespeare, Adrienne Rich, trans...

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Ravens and Doves: What We Can Learn from the Survival Narratives of Noah’s Ark

Emergence Magazine is a quarterly online publication exploring the threads connecting ecology, cultu...

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Edgar Allan Poe’s pocket watch among donations to museum

Owned by the author while he was writing The Tell-Tale Heart, in which a ticking timepiece drives hi...

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Searching for the ‘Me of Me’

I see Oluwatoyin Salau everywhere. She wears her hair blond and close-cropped in a mirror selfie she...

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From the Start, Maxine Waters Wasn’t Playing Games

As a freshman member of Congress in 1991, the same year that she joined the Financial Services Commi...

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