Linda Colley: In Disguise of a Merchant

The East India Company’s relat­ions with the British state had always been ambivalent. Its increasing territorial and military pretensions after 1750 attracted growing attention and demands for closer supervision and regulation from British governments and MPs. It also aroused scorn and even disgust.


The Phony War on Drugs

Benjamin T. Smith explains in “The Dope” why policing has failed to stop the drug trade from Mexic...

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Niela Orr: I hate my job

There’s always an audience if you’re someone with a smartphone, a social media influencer o...

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Ali Smith: ‘Hope is a tightrope across a ravine’

The celebrated author talks about writing to the calendar, our new Dickensian age, and how she once ...

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After George Floyd, Who Will Police Minneapolis?

Art Knight’s “number one priority” when he was appointed as deputy chief in 2017 was improving th...

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On the Waterfront

The peripatetic writer Claude McKay was born in Jamaica in 1889 but made in Harlem. As he wrote in h...

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‘Undine’ Retold

The German director Christian Petzold is a maestro of modern (or modernized) myths. Previous films h...

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