Confinement and Contagion

I have spent nearly two years corresponding with hundreds of people held in women’s facilities across the nation to understand their pathways into the criminal legal system. In March I began checking in with incarcerated people I knew and reaching out to others to track how they were affected by the coronavirus.


In Sunshine and In Shadow: Remembering the Quiet Genius of Brad Watson

Many of you have already heard the awful news that brilliant and beloved and longtime Norton author ...

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The Dangers of Smoking in Bed by Mariana Enríquez review – a South American Shirley Jackson

Pushy demons, spirits and dead babies haunt a jet-black collection of short stories set in everyday ...

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President Lincoln’s Republican Party Was the Original Party of Big Government

Republicans are fixated on the idea that their party is connected to the party of President Lincoln,...

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Samantha Irby Talks About ‘Wow, No Thank You’

Irby discusses her new essay collection, and Jon Meacham on three books about leadership during time...

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Quiz: Answer Fairytale Questions to Find Your Next YA Fantasy Read

Consider some of your favorite classic fairy tales and take this quiz to find a YA fantasy book that...

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Whitney Scharer, Fashion in fiction, Novels by Iraq War veterans

Whitney Scharer discusses her novel about the love affair between Lee Miller and Man Ray.

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