On the “Misogyny Paradox” and the Crisis of Heterosexual Coupledom

On a recent vacation with my partner, Kat, and our nine-year-old son, we strolled by the storefront of a touristy T-shirt shop. There were hundreds of T-shirts for sale inside the store, but a few, presumably some of the shop’s most popular, were displayed in the front window. One of the T-shirts hanging in the […]


The Protest Families of Pro-Democracy Hong Kong

They met at a crossroads in October 2019. That day, Hong Kong’s people came out in their tens of th...

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Patrick Ness: ‘Terry Pratchett makes you feel seen and forgiven’

The author celebrates the most perfect sentence by Toni Morrison and his struggles with Donna Tartt’...

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What Does it Mean to be Presidential?

A president’s power to console comes from a ceremonial reverence Americans grant their presidents. ...

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Women's prize at 25: what it is like to win by Zadie Smith, Naomi Alderman and more

Winning authors explain how the award changed their lives and share their favourite books by women T...

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Lit Hub Daily: June 23, 2020

Ilhan Omar recalls her early days of getting out the vote, and the power of first witnessing democra...

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Lili Owen Rowlands: Into a Blazing Oven

Reviewers like to say that Despentes’s trilogy ‘holds a mirror up’ to French society and c...

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