I Made a Book of Erasure Poems Out of Stephen King’s Misery

Until I began working on the poems that would become Hotel Almighty, the last thing I thought I’d be was an erasure poet. I wasn’t even sure I was a poet until I reached my 30s. I put it off for a long time because though I’d always loved poetry, I thought poetry belonged to […]


Madeline Kripke, Doyenne of Dictionaries, Is Dead at 76

A woman of many words, mostly unspoken, she amassed a lexicographic trove of some 20,000 books, much...

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Come Join the 2021 LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt!

It’s Pride Month, and that means the return of our annual LGBTQ Pride Month Treasure Hunt! We’ve l...

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Lit Hub Weekly: August 3 – 7, 2020

POV shifts and moral dilemmas on Red Headed Stranger: Odie Lindsey on learning to write from Willie ...

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Lit Hub Daily: October 22, 2020

xx Also on Lit Hub: xx The post Lit Hub Daily: October 22, 2020 first appeared on Literary Hub.

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Book Riot’s Romance Deals of the Day for May 26, 2021

The best romance book deals of the day, curated by Book Riot.

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The best books about medical breakthroughs

Amid the rush to find a Covid-19 vaccine, Mark Honigsbaum picks his favourites, including a novel th...

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