Damian Le Bas & Amy Liptrott

The Romany writer and broadcaster Damian Le Bas and author Amy Liptrot choose a good read


Lloyd de Beer: At the National Museum of African Art

In​ the opening scene of his television series Civilisation (1969), Kenneth Clark admits tha...

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6 Captivating New Books That Will Brighten Up Your Bookshelf

These brand-new 2020 books are not only highly entertaining, but also feature some bright, gorgeousl...

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Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood review – wisdom and wonder

The novelist is frank, excellent company in her third volume of essays, covering the Obama years, #M...

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Daisy Hernández: How Writing the Coming-of-Age Memoir Makes Room for Other Stories

In this week’s episode, Kendra talks with Daisy Hernández about her new book, The Kissing Bug, out ...

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New Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels to Read This Summer

Six novels feature characters who hunger for connection so strongly that they transform their enviro...

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On Robert D. Richardson and the Art of Excavating Other People’s Lives

Robert D. Richardson, who died in June, was known as an intellectual biographer. He should be known ...

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