Emma Donoghue, Spy Fiction, Harper Lee's Unpublished True Crime Novel

Emma Donoghue discusses her new novel Akin, plus a discussion of the best fiction spies.


The best recent thrillers – review roundup

A murderer investigates herself; sisterly accusations; a criminal barrister grapples with motherhood...

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The Dangers of Smoking in Bed by Mariana Enríquez review – a South American Shirley Jackson

Pushy demons, spirits and dead babies haunt a jet-black collection of short stories set in everyday ...

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I wish more people would read ... The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank | Hadley Freeman

As much of a stylist as St Aubyn, Bank tends to be dismissed because she’s writing about being sing...

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What Can We Still Take from Philip Larkin?

For tens of thousands of years, human beings have been using fictional devices to shape their worlds...

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TFW Your Twitter Account Gets Stolen and There’s Nothing You Can Do

On December 4th I opened my laptop to find two emails from Twitter. The first, from 12:34 am alerted...

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Freddie Mason: At the Hayward

Matthew​ Barney is back. It’s been ten years since his last exhibition in London, and his n...

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