Open Book with Colin Thubron

Mariella Frostrup talks to Colin Thubron


How to Give Octavia Butler the Covers She Deserves

Designing a book cover is hard. Designing book covers (plural) is harder. Designing a set of four bo...

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Meredith Talusan on Finding the Space to Tell Her Story

Meredith Talusan is the guest. Her book, Fairest, is available from Viking. From the episode: Meredi...

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An Acerbic Millennial Sex Comedy That Grows Fangs

In Beth Morgan’s shape-shifting debut, “A Touch of Jen,” a young Brooklyn couple grow increasingl...

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The Hidden Case of Ewan Forbes by Zoë Playdon review – a fascinating transgender life

Zoë Playdon uncovers the timely story of a Scottish lord who had to fight for his gender and his inh...

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Ange Mlinko: Just a Diphthong Away

After​ reading five hundred pages of Gary Lutz, I opened Google Maps and took a long, hard l...

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Robert Laughlin, Preserver of a Mayan Language, Dies at 85

His monumental dictionary, after years of field work, documented Tzotzil in southern Mexico. But tha...

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