A Good Read 26 July 2016: Christopher Biggins & Jenny Eclair

Christopher Biggins and Jenny Eclair chat about books they love with Harriett Gilbert.


Darien Gee on Imposter Syndrome, Food Blogging, and Starting an MFA at 50

Darien Gee is the guest. She has two books out this year. The first is called Other Small Histories,...

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Comforting Books for Hard Times: Soothing Reads in Every Genre

Because everyone has their own idea about what constitutes a comfort read, here are two very differe...

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6 Long Books to Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

What better way to stay entertained at home than by getting absorbed in a good story? Check out six ...

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‘A little bit addictive and the right amount hard’: new video game is based on poems of Emily Dickinson

The 80s-style shooter EmilyBlaster is a real-life version of a game featured in Gabrielle Zevin’s f...

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A Good Read: Liz Carr and Kate Williams talk favourite books

Actor and comedian Liz Carr and Kate Williams select a favourite read

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Reader Review: "Deacon King Kong"

by Sallie: Totally different than anything I've read in a long time. The story opens to fast moving ...

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