Open Book - Awesome Authors: Children's Literature with Frank Cottrell Boyce and Bali Rai

Mariella Frostrup on Children's Literature with Frank Cottrell Boyce and Bali Rai


Malcolm Gaskill: Philosophical Vinegar, Marvellous Salt

At​ 1 p.m. on 13 July 1936, bidding opened at Sotheby’s on a trunk of Isaac Newton’s noteb...

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Bookish Fabric for Face Masks and Other Fun Literary DIY Projects

Make your DIY projects literary with these bookish fabrics!

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Bina by Anakana Schofield review – 'for every woman who has had enough'

Seventysomething Bina has taken to her bed in a quirky novel that captures the mind’s twists and tu...

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Don't expect any more historical fiction from me, says Hilary Mantel

Writer tells Edinburgh festival audience she wants to focus on short stories and theatreHilary Mante...

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How Boomers Changed American Family Life (By Getting Divorced)

In the 1950s, when most Baby Boomers were kids, the rules were pretty clear: Sex was for marriage (o...

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Beautiful Things: A Memoir by Hunter Biden review – confessions of a hellraiser

The US president’s guilt-ridden son relates his life of excess in detail, but sadly lacks any self-...

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