Open Book - Ruth Gilligan, Vietnam novels, Kenneth Baker

Mariella Frostrup talks to Ruth Gilligan about Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan


In the Soup

Each human culture has its own origin myths. The Telefol, a mountain people of New Guinea, relate th...

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On Writing a Collective Poem in Response to Chicago Gun Violence

“According to the Chicago Police Department, 2,611 people were shot in Chicago in 2019. By contrast...

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In Utter Celebration of Juliet Stevenson Brilliance as an Audiobook Narrator

Have you ever dropped a thermometer and watched its ball of mercury break into a scatter of glisteni...

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The Case Against Critical Feedback

Earlier this year, I took a writing workshop where one of the chief rules was no negative or even co...

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What Awaits Muses Who Outlive Their Usefulness?

There are two types of women, Picasso said: “goddesses and doormats.” His ideal muse—helpmeet and...

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