A Good Read 21 June 2016: David Nutt and Philippa Perry

Professor David Nutt and Philippa Perry join Harriett Gilbert to discuss favourite books.


Mateo García Elizondo: ‘I get a little bored by having to talk about my grandfather’

The writer – and grandson of Gabriel García Márquez – on Mexican folklore, his early love of horro...

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On the Trail Blazed by W.E.B. Du Bois

The New York Review’s August 19, 2021 issue features “The Color Line,” Annette Gordon-Reed’s rev...

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Lit Hub Daily: June 3, 2021

“You had to believe the people who sent you had a clue. You had to believe they cared.” Read Frank...

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The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 43 No. 9 (Friday 23 April 2021)

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A ‘Right Stuff’ for Our Moment of Space Travel

In “Test Gods,” Nicholas Schmidle tells the story of Virgin Galactic’s space program, with a focu...

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Poetry Is Beautiful Because It Is Fleeting

Why this reader prefers to read poetry quickly to experience a visceral emotional response and the f...

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