Colombian literary superstar Juan Gabriel Vasquez, new stories by Radclyffe Hall, creative non-fiction from African writers

Mariella Frostrup talks to Juan Gabriel Vasquez about his novel Reputations


In the End, It Was All About Love by Musa Okwonga review – affirmative autofiction

The British author weighs the worth of a writer’s life in this intimate blend of memoir and fiction...

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Reader Review: "The Forest of Vanishing Stars"

by Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews: Yona was kidnapped out of her crib at a very young age and forced to l...

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A Film Executive Wants to Know: Why Do Most Movies Suck?

My new book, Hope for Film, was written over the course of several years. Early on, I pitched projec...

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Curtis Sittenfeld on American Wife: ‘I thought Democrats wouldn’t read it because it was about a Republican’

The US author on writing a fictionalised version of the former first lady Laura Bush’s life – and ...

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'Korean Art From 1953' Gives a Full View of Modern Art in South Korea

“Korean Art From 1953,” a lavish new book, is the most significant English-language overview yet o...

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QAnon and on: why the fight against extremist conspiracies is far from over

Far-right conspiracies ran unchecked online in the Trump years. It’s all gone quiet since the Capit...

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