A Good Read 29 March 2016

Peter Lord and Russell Kane talk about their favourite books with Harriett Gilbert.


Benevolent sexism: a feminist comic explains how it holds women back

The French artist Emma, famous for her comic on the ‘mental load’, illustrates how certain ‘frien...

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4 Amazing Audiobooks to Discover on Spotify

Check out these excellent free audiobooks on Spotify, including fantastic YA, middle grade reads, an...

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Damian Barr: ‘Give voice to those with unwritten stories’

The author of Maggie and Me on researching his first novel set in South Africa, being edited by Dian...

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Nonfiction is just as rich and illuminating as fiction. Trust me, I'm a novelist | Candice Carty-Williams

When I am writing fiction, I need nonfiction to give me texture - and two recently published books h...

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The 2020 Albertine Prize shortlist features stories of visceral excess and identity-seeking.

The voting period is open for the fourth edition of the Albertine Prize, an award administered by th...

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Barcelona Dreaming by Rupert Thomson review – heartbreak and hope in the city

Three linked novellas offer an unearthly, multilayered view of Barcelona, with its beaches and bars,...

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