A Good Read 22 March 2016

Marian Keyes and Nikki Bedi talk about their favourite books with Harriett Gilbert.


The Romance of American Communism by Vivian Gornick review – a flawed masterpiece

Gornick admits that her 1977 oral history, now reissued, has faults. But it’s a brilliant evocation...

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Ian Rankin: 'Why does it take celebrity voices for the disabled to be heard?'

Scotland’s pre-eminent crime writer joins broadcaster Jo Whiley berating ‘woeful’ treatment of pe...

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Book Review: ‘Wayward,’ by Dana Spiotta

For the restless heroine of Dana Spiotta’s novel “Wayward,” menopause is reason enough to re-eval...

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What Elites Got Wrong About Mary McCarthy’s The Group

Within six weeks of when Mary McCarthy’s The Group came out in August 1963, the book was number one...

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Cari Thomas on Her Favourite Fictional Magical Londons

A bewitching story of forbidden magic and friendship set in a brilliantly drawn magical London, Cari...

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Nicole Flattery: Is this what life is like?

Gwendoline Riley’s landscape is the North of England: bars, motorways, housing estates. In h...

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