Book Review: ‘The President’s Daughter,’ by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

“The President’s Daughter” is set in motion with a kidnapping, and then a paramilitary operation is put together in response.


A Human Cloning Error and Existential Questions Fuel This Science Fiction Romp

In Matthew FitzSimmons’s speculative murder mystery “Constance,” the title character’s conscious...

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She Got Away With Murder, but Now the Past Is at Her Doorstep

The protagonist of Miranda Beverly-Whittemore’s novel “Fierce Little Thing” is drawn reluctantly ...

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A Toddler Detective, Pirate Parents and Other Witty Treats in Simon Rich’s ‘New Teeth’

Rich’s latest collection is again fueled by his antic imagination and skill at moving from absurdit...

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Repression, Obsession, Murder

Need a distraction? Three prickly, skin-crawling new thrillers will have you on the edge of your sea...

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The History of a Palatial Hotel and Its Famous Guests, From Kings and Spies to Presidents and Poets

“The Secret Life of the Savoy,” by Olivia Williams, is a thorough and entertaining account of the ...

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Graham Norton Comes Around

The Irish entertainer is known for his freewheeling talk show, but in his novel “Home Stretch” he ...

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