Jason Watkins & Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The actor and the journalist share favourite books with Harriett Gilbert.


Elusive by Frank Close review – the brilliance of physicist Peter Higgs

An illuminating guide to the man and the science behind the Higgs boson – and how its discovery ‘r...

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Matt Bell on Solving Crises Through Speculative Fiction (and Having Fun Doing It)

Matt Bell is the guest. His new book, Appleseed, is out now from Custom House. From the episode: Mat...

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The Sirens

First Saturday of the month and unlike the Greeks,sometime ancient cynics of beautyand warning, thes...

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I Give It to You by Valerie Martin review – an Italian summer

A novel of philosophical and creative inquiry, cleverly plotted and packed with great charactersWhen...

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Rosa Lyster: Staying Alive

Most climate dystopias are set in this temporal and spatial landscape: well into the oblitera...

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Michael Rosen: 'This book is about what it feels like to nearly die'

The poet, broadcaster and children’s author contracted Covid-19 a year ago and spent 48 days in int...

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