What Happened to Jane Austen’s Brother … and Other Letters

Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.


What the World’s First Medical Records Tell Us About Ancient Life

The Hippocratic books now known as the Epidemics are entitled in Greek epidemiai. This title does no...

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Louis Menand on ‘The Free World’

Menand talks about his work of political and cultural history, and Phillip Lopate discusses his thre...

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Richard Shone: Forster in Cambridge

My first sight​ of E.M. Forster was of him coming towards me on Clare Bridge in Cambridge. ...

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Tom Stammers: Twenty Kicks in the Backside

Rosa Bonheur exemplifies the problem of the ‘exceptional’ woman painter, whose extraordinar...

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Margaret Atwood: Covid-19 lockdown is not a dystopia

The Handmaid’s Tale author says ‘people may be making arrangements that aren’t too pleasant, but ...

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Dangerous Medicine: The Story Behind Human Experiments with Hepatitis – review

Sydney Halpern’s account of postwar US research that deliberately infected hundreds with the diseas...

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