‘Man of My Time,’ by Dalia Sofer: An Excerpt

An excerpt from “Man of My Time,” by Dalia Sofer


The best recent poetry – review roundup

The Stone Age by Jen Hadfield; The Mermaid’s Purse by Fleur Adcock; Comic Timing by Holly Pester; a...

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Behind Every Hero or Villain, There Is Tech Support

Cutting-edge technology is often used in comics by the able assistants who fall under the trope “th...

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In Search of Us by Lucy Moore review – the first anthropologists, warts and all

The eccentric adventures, academic insights and many prejudices of 12 pioneering scholarsWhen anthro...

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Are We Running Out of Monster Metaphors for the Disasters of the Real World?

Loving monster movies began with my family, with searching for the zipper on Godzilla’s rubber suit...

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The New Seduction of an Old Literary Crime Classic

It’s tough to ignore the strangeness of our world today. This was top of my mind as I began writing...

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Diary of a Film by Niven Govinden review – how to reconcile life and art?

A director is enthralled by his two lead actors in a beguiling exploration of artistic obsessionThe ...

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