Neal Ascherson: White Sheep at Rest

How​ did the Duke of Cumberland become the ‘Butcher’ of Culloden? Before and immediately after that battle, he was adored as the saviour of Hanoverian Britain from Jacobites and...


Turning to Books to Grasp the Most Ungraspable Disease

Sandeep Jauhar offers a tour of books about Alzheimer’s, from the search for a cure to fictionalize...

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The Impossible Office?; The British Prime Minister in an Age of Upheaval reviews – power failures at No 10

Two timely books – by Anthony Seldon and Mark Garnett – make us think about what it takes to be a ...

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Books Are a Great Fit for Quarantine. The Book Business, Not So Much.

You can read or write a book from home just fine. Publishing one, however, remains a very social act...

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Five of the best books about Russia and Ukraine

As Russia wages war, the historian Orlando Figes offers a guide to the literature that illuminates t...

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Red Line by Joby Warrick review – Syria, spies… and sarin

The story of how the US failed in its mission to eradicate chemical weapons in Syria, which descende...

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Poetry Books for Beginners, Haters, or the Utterly Confused

A collection of poetry books for beginners, those who hate the genre, and those who just don't "get ...

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