2022 in books: highlights for the year ahead

New writing from Ali Smith, Marlon James, Elena Ferrante and Jarvis Cocker – a taste of good things to come

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Graphic Novels – The Essential Primer

Compiled by our expert booksellers, our starter guide to the best graphic novels has everything new...

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The Citizen Scholar Who Led the Hunt for Queen Lili’uokalani’s Lost Diaries

In April of 1957, as many students in Hawaii spent their spring breaks splashing in the gentle water...

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Hungry by Grace Dent review – a delicious tribute

The restaurant critic’s funny and poignant account of life with her father and how it shaped her re...

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White Debt by Thomas Harding review – the history they didn’t want you to know

A brilliant account of the Demerara uprising, a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is Britain’s re...

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Stacey Abrams: Georgia's political heroine … and romance author

Writing under the name Selena Montgomery, Abrams has penned eight romantic thrillers, often while al...

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Linda Colley: In Disguise of a Merchant

The East India Company’s relat­ions with the British state had always been ambivalent. Its i...

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