Are You Listening? by Jenny Rogers review – putting the office into therapy

So often we bring our emotional baggage to work with us – but it doesn’t have to be that way, a work coach explains

Hamish is a rich and successful entrepreneur, a man who seems to be winning at life. Yet secretly, he is falling apart. His second wife has left him, he’s stressed out of his mind and he has just mournfully realised that no matter how many trophy girlfriends or French chateaux he acquires, some other millionaire will always have a better one.

If you hate Hamish already, then you may be missing the broader lesson of this book, which is that unhappy working lives are just as complex and fascinating as the unhappy private lives they frequently mirror, and also just as deserving of attention. Hamish, it turns out, is now a happy social entrepreneur with an admirable sideline mentoring former care leavers and ex-prisoners into work.

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